Presenting land, naval, aerospace, national and cyber security defence systems, DEFEA Exhibition will welcome in Athens the world’s top defence manufacturers as well as high level governmental and military delegations, invited by the Ministry of National Defence, under the auspices of which, this important event will take place.

The first DEFEA Exhibition is taking place, as Greece has a new defence procurement programme under way, after a long period of minimum military expenditure, made necessary by a decade long financial crisis. This, maximizes the importance of the Exhibition and the participation of defence industries to present the latest achievements of technology to the respective Greek Services as well as to the international defence community, emerging after the pandemic. It should be noted that during DEFEA, important events will be held to give exhibitors the opportunity to develop their business activity, promote their products and services as well as to grow their professional contacts.

Thus, DEFEA looks forward to become the meeting point for defence industry and officials, facilitating interstate contacts, technical and geostrategic briefings and international co-operation. Strategically located in Greece, one of the oldest member states of NATO and EU, DEFEA offers the ideal access to Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia and Africa, as well as Europe and the USA.

Exhibition Defea Manager, Mr. Vassilis Barkas (Foto: DEFEA)

A total of 312 companies from 21 countries participate to the Exhibition. Specifically, from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA. From Greece in the Exhibition will participate 97 defence manufacturers, with a long running contribution to the defence system of the country. They will present their products together with their enormous potential to undertake co-production ventures in the framework of the national armaments programme as well as for the international market. These, state owned and private industries are the backbone of the support system of the Hellenic Armed Forces working together with the Ministry of National Defence under the guidance of the formed in the ‘70s Defence Industry Directorate, the predecessor of today’s General Directorate.

Together with the Exhibition, Conferences and round tables about the important defence and security issues of the area, will take place offering the officials participating, the opportunity to exchange views on the geostrategic situation and the potential strengthening of co-operations to maintain stability to the region.

With all that in mind, we welcome all exhibitors and visitors of DEFEA 2021 and we wish them a fruitful participation and every success to their business contacts.

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