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According to Patria, a Nordic consortium has been selected by the EU in the scope of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) for Maritime Surveillance Capabilities. The consortium is led by Saab (Sweden), partnered with Patria (Finland), CAFA Tech and Rantelon (both from Estonia).

EDIDP is designed to support the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the union’s defence industry. It is the first EU-funded programme to develop defence capabilities, with a financial envelope of €500M. The selection for the EDIDP programme was made at the end of June 2021 and the project will start in autumn 2021 for a duration of three years.

The Passive Acquisition by Digital Convergence (PADIC) project will study, design, prototype and test a coastal radar network system in response to emerging threats by exploiting acquisition by passive sensors in an open architecture. The project will make use of low-cost and commercially available passive radars across Europe that are spectrally non-congesting during peacetime, while sustainable and immune against stealth attempts during conflicts. It also has the objective of maximising the performance through digitisation.

Jack Richardson