At the DEFEA defence exhibition inn Athens, ELVO Hellenic Vehicles, in partnership with Israeli company Plasan, wishes to draw attention to its mobility solutions on display, including the ATeMM All-Terrain electric Mission Module. Designed as a trailer for any kind of 4×4 tactical wheeled vehicle, ATeMM is a synchronised auto-controlled multi-purpose platform with a 200 HP electric drive system. The 37-200 kWh on-the-move rechargeable battery pack can be programmed to operate in Charge, Eco or Power mode, with the latter two providing electrical power on the move for a variety of optional payloads like communication or utility systems. The overall payload capacity is 2,540 lb.

While moving, ATeMM provides synchronised drive, steering and braking while maintaining the turning radius of the leading vehicle, thus ensuring best possible manoeuvrability without any degradation of the towing vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

Potential applications include:

  • a battery recharging station for the integrated visual augmentation system
  • launch, recovery and charging of tethered UAVs
  • energy support for persistent ISR, EOIR, communications, counter-UAV systems, SATCOM terminals and utility systems such as medical evacuation and water/fuel supply applications

A 4×4 remote-controlled tandem version has been announced to be available in the not too distant future. ATeMM will be produced in Greece by the JV Elvo, using Plasan technology and IP and SK Group’s organisational expertise.

Other exhibits at DEFEA include Plasan’s protected Light Armored All-Terrain Vehicle as well as the STORMRIDER, the newest member of the SandCat family of mine-resistant tactical vehicle.

Juergen Hensel