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Baykar Technologies has presented the Muharip Insansız Uçak Sistemi (MIUS) Unmanned Combat Aircraft System (UCAS). According to the company, MIUS has a weight in excess of 3.5 tonnes and can carry a payload of 1.5 tonnes. The service ceiling is 40,000 feet and the maximum flight time is 5 hours at Mach 0.8, with the objective to reach Mach 1.0 in the future.
The tail wings and canard wings are to enable aggressive manoeuvres, in particular for dogfight environments. The AI-supported MIUS has been designed to accomplish primarily air-to-air and air-to-ground combat missions including:
  • Close air support
  • Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
  • Destruction of Enemy Air Defence
  • Missile attack.
MIUS will be able to take off and land from the LPD/LHD TCG ANADOLU. Take-off will be possible without catapult and arrestor cables will be used for landing.
Korhan Özkilinc