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In the scope of a framework agreement that has been in place since 2019, the US Army has ordered more ammunition for the CARL-GUSTAF shoulder-launched multi-purpose weapon. Saab will deliver the ammunition worth €64M next year. At an estimated maximum price of €2,500 per round, the total number will amount to more than 25,000.

CARL-GUSTAF was developed in 1946. The recoilless weapon has been continuously improved and has been in use with the US Army since 1990. It is also used by special forces with the designation Multi-Role Anti-Armour Anti-Tank Weapon System. Saab supplies the US with seven different types of ammunition for the 84 mm barrel, including:

  • anti-armour
  • anti-structure
  • smoke
  • illumination.

For the latest version – CARL-GUSTAF M4 – the weight has been reduced by 3.4 kg to 6.6 kg and the length to 950 mm. Aiming and safety features have also been improved. Furthermore, accessories can be attached via PICATINNY rails.

Gerhard Heiming