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At IDEF in Istanbul, FNSS is showcasing the newest member of the SHADOW RIDER UGV family which features a 25mm remote turret. These vehicles are equipped with an autonomy kit developed by FNSS. According to the company, the vehicles have patrol, follow the leader and return to base autonomous driving modes and also feature various layers of protection for a secure driving capability. FNSS autonomy kit is designed in open architecture to enable rapid adaption of technology enhancement.

With an M113 as the base platform, SHADOW RIDER COMBAT is equppped with a 25mm remotely controlled turret. This variant will not have an autonomus firing capability, the gunner will always be in the loop and fire decisions will be made by dismounted operators. Various mission kits can be integrated with the platform including:

  • direct fire support
  • reconnaissance
  • surveillance
  • communication relay
  • tactical decoy
  • logistics support