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On the eve of the ARMY 2021 international defence exhibition and conference, Russian Defense Minister General Sergey Shoigu has disclosed a list of defence equipment to enter service by the end of 2021. Despite the recent crash of first Il-112V prototype, the aircraft is part of the list, as well as upgraded An-124-100 military transport aircraft and the Mi-8AMTSh-VN helicopters. The latest Mi-38 helicopter is about to complete its trial period, according to the Minister.

General Shoigu also pointed out that the Russian Navy is to receive four submarines (three of them nuclear-powered and one conventional) and six surface combatants, while the national Aerospace Forces are to get a set of Su-57 fifth-generation multi-role fighters. The Strategic Missile Troops are to be equipped with 15 intercontinental ballistic missiles, allowing them to reach 86 per cent of the defined equipment status.

Shoigu also mentioned air defence missile systems and BASTION coastal missile systems, altogether seven units. The 18 medium and heavy class reconnaissance and strike drones units are to be strengthened with three to five UAVs each.

ARMY 2021 Features

Speaking about the ARMY 2021 event, which starts on 22 August in the greater Moscow region, the Minister announced 45 government contracts worth 500 billion roubles (about US$6.75Bn) which are planned to be signed during the event. He said the contracts would be signed to supply the Army with T-90M MBT, URAN-14 robotic vehicles as well as artillery, flamethrower and remote mining systems.

Other contracts mentioned by the minister include:

  • reconnaissance ships
  • minesweepers
  • aircraft supply and upgrade
  • the latest high-precision weapons

According to Shoigu, over 20,000 items of military and dual-purpose products from 1,500 Russian, and 12 foreign, companies will be showcased. Delegations from 97 countries are expected at ARMY-2021, with 34 of them headed by high-ranking representatives.

Yury Laskin