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The Danish Government has launched a new 27 page strategy for the country’s defence industry including a four page initiative catalogue. This replaces a strategy paper from 1 July 2014.

With the strategy, the Government sets the framework for a completely new and strengthened approach to future cooperation with the defence industry on defence and security policy solutions. At the same time, the strategy focuses on several new technology areas. These include space technology, the energy sector, artificial intelligence and cyber.

The strategy consists of six sections. Initially, Denmark’s security interests are introduced with a focus on the development of the Danish defence industry. Furthermore, the approach to research, development and material acquisitions is presented. It then outlines the characteristics and development potential of the Danish defence industry and the conditions under which the industry operates. Finally, technological priority areas are identified, and seven areas of action are presented.

With the new strategy, the Government especially wants to strengthen cooperation in the research area. This includes the Arctic, space and the development of new green energy solutions that can be used in the field of defence.

The new defence industrial strategy has been implemented through collaboration with companies and trade associations to ensure that it supports the actual needs and wishes of the industry.