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The Swedish Armed Forces are to receive further software defined radios of the E-LynX series from Elbit Systems for approximately €20M. The Swedish procurement authority Försvarets materielverk has contracted Elbit Systems Germany to supply the radios over a period of 30 months. This is a continuation of Elbit’s ongoing delivery of E-LynX radios to Sweden since 2016.

The Swedes will receive vehicle-based dual-channel E-LynX SDR solutions, which also feature vehicle-configured full-duplex multi-channel technology as part of the tactical radio upgrade programme. The patented multi-channel technology provides dynamic and autonomous optimisation of bandwidth allocation and allows multiple missions to be conducted simultaneously. The technology is interoperable, immune to interference and provides fast, reliable and secure communications in any terrain.

The E-LynX family of SDR radios is based on an open architecture. They have unique waveforms and support European and NATO waveforms. Various European armed forces, such as in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and other NATO countries, have already chosen an E-LynX SDR solution.

Gerhard Heiming