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NP Aerospace, manufacturer of the 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit, has joined forces with CRF-I Limited to offer SCIMITAR technology for real-time EOD operator management and tracking.

The SCIMITAR system, showcased for the first time at DSEI in London, is to provide EOD teams with a greater understanding of what EOD operators are experiencing in real time via live audio, video, measurement of their physical wellbeing and GPS location.

The technology uses mesh radio and sensor data to capture on one screen biometric data including heart rate (bpm), respiratory rate (rpm), body temperature (°c) and physical strain index (PSI), whilst tracking the operator’s GPS location. It has been developed initially for EOD but has application beyond this into tactical / first responder teams and CBRN environments.

NP Aerospace has joined forces with CRFI-Ltd as part of its strategy to expand the range of integrated technologies available with its newly launched 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit which is certified to the National Institute of Justice NIJ 0117.01 public safety standard.

Juergen Hensel