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The Ministry of Defense of Turkey recently announced that the PARS IV 6×6 Special Operations Vehicle qualification tests are coming to the end and so the delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces will begin this year. The first assembly of the Pars IV 6×6 Mine Protected Vehicle took place in July 2020.

The PARS IV have been designed as part of the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (SPTWAV) Project for the Turkish Security Forces by the company FNSS. The system structures designed to provide very effective protection against IEDs and high mines so the ballistic protection is unique furthermore they received with latest technology mission equipment. The project was signed on 4 April 2019 between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and FNSS. The company will supply 100 PARS SCOUT 8×8 and 6×6 vehicles, the contractual agreement with subcontractors was completed on 25 December 2019. According to the agreement, under the SPTWAV project, the vehicles will receive:

  • 7.62 mm and 25 mm unmanned weapon systems
  • electro-optics
  • radar
  • Communications, Command, Control and Navigation Systems

Variants include:

  • 30 6×6 command vehicles
  • 45 8×8 sensor reconnaissance vehicles
  • 15 6×6 radar vehicles
  • five 8×8 CBRN vehicles
  • five 8×8 armoured fighting vehicles

Korhan Özkilinc