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Aselsan, the Sefine shipyard, Roketsan and Armelsan have joined forces to develop and build innovative solutions in the area of Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS), according to a press release by the companies. The two UMS designs are laid out for tasks such as:

  • reconnaissance
  • surface warfare
  • underwater warfare
  • protection of critical infrastructure
  • the protection of floating platforms

A modular system architecture allows provides the option of different mission payloads, including equipping the trimaran with torpedoes and missiles. Additional payloads for electronic warfare, underwater warfare and mine warfare functions can be accommodated. With the integrated satellite communication system, real-time video and images can be transmitted to the command centre. Artificial intelligence applications support the detection and classification of surface vessels and submarines by sonobuoy.

Both vehicles have a top speed of more than 40 knots (74 km/h). With a range of 600 nautical miles, the autonomous vehicles can operate for almost 4 days without resupply up to sea state 4. With a length of 15 m the UMS can be transported by cargo aircraft and surface vessels.

Korhan Özkilinc