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Meteksan Defence has introduced a number of new sonar systems and elements for submarine applications. These include:

  • hydrophones
  • side scan sonar arrays
  • intercept passive sonar
  • intercept detection and ranging sonar
  • digital underwater acoustic modem
  • hardware and software for sonar systems pre-electronics
  • signal processing and beam forming
  • sonar operator interface software

While these domestically developed systems are used for the modernisation of existing submarines in the Turkish Naval Forces Command inventory, they are also considered for the Turkey’s MİLDEN national submarine project, for which national design activities are ongoing.

The MSH-01 hydrophone is used as a sensor for:

  • passive sonar Cylindrical Hydrophone Arrays (CHA)
  • passive ranging sonar hydrophone array groups
  • wet-end side Own Noise Analyses (ONA) systems
  • Cavitation Indication (CI) systems of the AY/PREVEZE class submarines

MSH-01 can be used with the sonar systems of the Type 209 Mod 1000 to Type 209 Mod 1400 submarines, which are in Turkish and global service. Meteksan also produces sensors which form the wet-end side of flank array sonars. According to the company, the MSH-11 sensor is intended for user in flank array sonar systems of Type 209 Mod 1400 submarines.

As a subcontractor of Tübitak Bilgem for sonar subsystems in the scope of the MUREN PREVEZE integrated underwater combat management system development project, Meteksan has been assigned responsibility for the development of pre-electronic equipment that amplifies and digitises analogue sensor signals, as well as the signal processing and beam forming hardware and software of these signals. The company has also announced that the sonar developed by Meteksan in the scope of the Intercept Detection and Ranging Sonar project will be integrated with the Turkish PREVEZE class submarines.

Juergen Hensel