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The Polish Ministry of Defence has awarded Saab a contract to supply live training systems for the Polish Armed Forces, the company has announced. For the equivalent of €98M, a training solution for a reinforced mechanised battalion and four centres for company-level training will be delivered and built, starting this year. Included in the contract term through 2026 is three years of operational support. The solution includes capabilities such as Saab’s latest exercise control (EXCON) and communications systems, as well as latest-generation hi-fidelity simulators for soldiers, weapons and vehicles, according to the vendor. The training solution will provide Polish forces with required training capabilities, according to Saab. The equipment will enable training as close to reality as possible, both domestically and at the point of need in international cooperation.

In June 2021, Saab was contracted to deliver a training solution to the Netherlands, similar to that ordered by Poland.