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German sensor manufacturer Hensoldt today unveiled a newly developed radar system for maritime surveillance and target acquisition at the DSEI exhibition in London. The radar, named “QUADOME”, is equipped with the latest technology. According to Hensoldt, it offers fast response and high precision at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Operating in the C-band, the radar features the latest gallium nitride technology with an Active Electronically Steered Antenna and is software-defined. According to the manufacturer, QUADOME targets the global market for tactical naval radar systems aimed primarily at Offshore Patrol Vessels, corvettes, light frigates and support vessels.

According to the manufacturer, QUADOME offers “robust capabilities” for detecting and tracking small surface targets, as well as precise 3D tracking of small, low-flying and fast-moving aerial targets. The radar was reportedly developed and will be produced at Hensoldt in South Africa. As a result, the technology is not subject to US or German export controls. According to the company, there is no launch customer at the moment though talks are being held with several interested parties.

According to Hensoldt, QUADOME‘s compactness, relatively low mass and price-performance ratio offer 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities for ships that would otherwise only be equipped with 2D target acquisition capabilities.

The radar has two main modes of operation. Surveillance mode is used for general ground and air surveillance, while self-defence mode is used for high threat and target engagement situations.