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The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) has announced that it has reached an agreement for developing Estonian coastal defence capabilities and arming the defence forces with the BLUE SPEAR (5G SSM) land-to-sea missile system. Following a tender process, Proteus Advanced Systems Pte. Ltd. has been selected to provide the Estonian Defence Forces with the system.

The project, with tight timescales and encompassing a complex set of requirements, is one of the biggest projects in Estonian defence procurement and definitely the most complex, ECDI points out

The BLUE SPEAR missile system is a precision weapon which can operate in all weather conditions, day and night, enabling strike capabilities beyond the line of sight and against mobile and stationary targets at sea. The missile’s maximum range is 290km. BLUE SPEAR missiles share a heritage with IAI’s GABRIEL missile family system which has been developed over many years.

The BLUE SPEAR system enables launching from several land-based platforms with flight at high sub-sonic speed. The warhead employs an active radar-homing seeker, accurate INS-based navigation capabilities and a robust system which is immune to GPS disruptions and maximal accuracy target acquisition. The systems are equipped with a variety of deception means to achieve its mission and cope with the different battle-field challenges.