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Telerob, which recently became a wholly owned subsidiary of AeroVironment, has been contracted by the Latvian Ministry of Defence to supply TELEMAX EVO HYBRID and tEODo EVO UGVs as well as technical support for the Latvian Armed Forces, AeroVironment announced at the end of September 2021. The multi-million euro order was placed in July 2021, and the agreed deliveries are to be completed this year.

AeroVironment describes the key features of the two UGVs as follows. The tEODor EVO is purpose-built for explosive ordnance disposal and disarming improvised explosive devices. The UGV features a 6-axis manipulator with telescopic reach, is heavy-lift capable (220 pounds/100 kilograms) and can precisely handle hazardous materials with a 12-inch (300 millimeter) gripper that features an integrated laser rangefinder, video input and data interface.

TELEMAX EVO HYBRID is a versatile UGV featuring compact dimensions and a strong lift capacity up to 82 pounds (37 kgs). It comes with a six axis precision manipulator with Tool Center Point Control to give operators humanlike control and a four track drive system with auto-levelling to easily handle multiple gradients, gaps and terrains.