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G3 Systems has announced the completion of a five year programme for enhancing the Royal Navy’s Forward Support Unit (FSU). Currently situated at HMS JUFAIR in Bahrain, the FSU’s Containerised Engineering Support Facility (CESF) systems are designed to offer deployable, modular container systems that provide storage and engineering facilities to conduct Level 2 maintenance supporting the availability of the Royal Navy’s Mine Counter Measures Vessel (MCMV) fleet.

The current fleet, consisting of six HUNT class MCMVs and five SANDOWN class minehunters, is supported by two CESF systems designated CESF 01 and CESF 02.

Each system is comprised of a set of containerised workshops, offices and stores which can be independently powered by a single Power Generation Module (PGM). Each module is designed so that it can be rapidly deployed by either land, sea or air and must be fully certified under the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) and for flight by the MoD’s Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU).

Every FSU CESF comprises up to 20 specialised containers including stores, workshops, offices, combination units and power generation, with units including:

  • communication
  • ablutions
  • electrical maintenance
  • shipwrights workshops
  • small arms management
  • a light machine shop
  • refrigeration
  • a lifting and slinging store

These units also contain first aid and safety equipment including a first aid kit, eyewash and fire extinguishers.

The objective of the programme was to extend the life of the CESF systems, ensuring full legislative and regulatory compliance and enhancing the safety of the facility. Through the improvements and standardisation of CESF equipment and components, G3 Systems were able to reduce maintenance costs and improve management of the support logistics, enabling further savings to be made, the company writes.