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Israeli manufacturer Rafael has announced the addition of the ultra-small BNET Nano handheld radio to the BNET family. The new palm-sized radio has the technological features of the wider family, including scalability, multi-channel reception and spectrum superiority, Rafael writes.

The BNET family features include multi-channel reception technology, high network capacity in terms of data rates and number of network subscribers in addition to minimal delays. The company describes BNET as a lightweight radio unit that enables point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topology as well as ad-hoc mesh network, with SDR Full IP design that supports connectivity of the entire brigade deployment area. BNET Nano works in areas where GPS is not available, an increasingly typical scenario on today’s battlefield.

Rafael plans to unveil the new handheld radio to the trade public at the upcoming SITDEF (Peru), Expodefensa (Colombia), FEINDEF (Spain) and ADEX (Korea) exhibitions.