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The widely used GROUND MASTER 400 3D radar series’ performance has been upgraded to the GN400α version. As Thales outlined in a webinar, new processing technology five times more powerful and advanced detection algorithms can handle large volumes of complex data. The result, Thales said, is an immediate improvement in detection range up to 515 km (278 nautical miles), which represents an increase of more than 20 per cent compared to the GM400, with no change to the power consumption requirements of the radar’s TR elements.

The increase in processing capacity also offers the possibility of incorporating new functions with advanced AI algorithms, as well as enhanced cyber security features, the company says. Thales’ GM400 Alpha implements GaN technology and is said to detect targets ranging from fast jets and missiles to hovering helicopters and UAVs. According to Thales, existing GM400 sensors can be upgraded to GM400α performance by installing a new computer rack and installing the new software.