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Elbit Systems and Roboteam have launched ROOK, a multi-payload military 6X6 Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that features a built-in autonomy suite offering a combination of capacity, manoeuvrability and must-have on-field agility that are key for greater mission effectiveness, the companies write in a press release.

The ROOK UGV was developed based on the operational experience accumulated through fielding of the 4×4 PROBOT UGV systems in several countries including the US, France, Israel and the UK.

The ROOK was designed as a robotic UGV platform in compliance with applicable military standards and applying a modular box structure that enables on-field components replacement with no need for the involvement of qualified technicians or OEM lab maintenance, as well as upgrades and modification without OEM involvement.  A built-in TORCH-X Robotic and Autonomous application is to provide ROOK with full autonomy and the capability to efficiently navigating rough terrain to:

  • deliver supplies
  • evacuate casualties
  • perform intelligence gathering missions (including by dispatching on-board VTOLs)
  • operate as a remote weapon system during day and night

With a net weight of 1,200kg, a low centre of gravity and a ground clearance of 24cm, ROOK is capable of carrying up to 1,200kg of payloads. Full compliance with the UGV Interoperability Profile turns ROOK into a multi-payload platform providing users with seamless plug and play payload integration, the companies state.