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As part of its digitisation strategy, Rheinmetall AG is taking over the activities of EMT, a well-known German UAV maker. Headquartered in Penzberg in Bavaria, EMT develops, produces and maintains unarmed tactical aviation systems for reconnaissance missions. EMT’s most important customer is the German Bundeswehr, which is currently introducing the company’s newly developed LUNA NG reconnaissance system. LUNA NG is a key element in networked C4ISTAR communication and reconnaissance, destined to play a vital role in tactical data transmission.

Expected to take effect at the end of December 2021, the takeover is an asset deal. In addition to the normal board decisions, the transaction still requires final approval from the competition authorities. The parties to the transaction have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

LUNA NG provides the Bundeswehr with a key capability, making it an important building block on the path to digitising Germany’s Armed Forces. It forms the basis for new applications and development activities such as manned/unmanned teaming. In addition, AI capabilities and applications (for automated data evaluation, for instance) can be further expanded as well as tested and directly integrated.

For military customers, the agreed takeover by Rheinmetall assures an extremely high degree of security and dependability with respect to long-term care, maintenance and continued development of this high-performance system, coupled with service for other unmanned aerial systems used by the armed forces. During deployed operations, the LUNA family will give Rheinmetall’s international customers the ability to evaluate the evolving military situation in optimum fashion, furnishing tactical information that enables them to protect their forces on the ground to the maximum degree.

Strategic orientation

The transaction reflects Rheinmetall’s strategy of expanding its portfolio of systems and equipment to meet the complete needs of its military customers. At the same time, this approach ensures that important defence technology capabilities will be maintained in Germany.

As a driver of digitisation of the armed forces, this move strengthens Rheinmetall’s position in the defence technology sector. Merging the Group’s expertise with that of EMT enhances Rheinmetall’s ability to take charge of central elements of the networked digital communication and reconnaissance capabilities of the armed forces of Germany and its allies.

In the detection and engagement sequences of the modern digital battlespace, information collected and distributed by unmanned aerial systems plays a vital role in military decision making at the tactical, operational and strategic level.

Group structure

Rheinmetall plans to take over in their entirety EMT’s highly developed capabilities and expertise. The Group intends to maintain the company’s four locations in Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein and to integrate the current staff into the Rheinmetall workforce.

EMT’s activities will henceforth form part of the Group subsidiary Rheinmetall Technical Publications of Bremen. As an approved aviation organisation, for over 10 years Rheinmetall Technical Publications has taken care of Germany’s “Kleinfluggerät Zielortung” target location UAV, assuring its operational readiness as well as performing other specific tasks.