On 16 November 2021, MBDA handed over the1,000th Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided missile to the French Armed Forces. Deliveries started in 2017 and France is expected to receive a total of 1,950 MMPs by 2025, according to an MBDA statement. The weapon system has also been ordered by Belgium and Sweden.

According to a press release from MBDA, MMP is equipped with a tandem charge that can engage a wide range of targets, including field fortifications, armoured vehicles and even MBTs with advanced reactive armour. The “fire and forget” capability allows the operator to move to another position immediately after firing the missile. Alternatively, the man-in-the-loop capability can be used to minimise the risk of collateral damage.

Since both the launch post and the missile are equipped with capabilities such as tracking, orientation and digital communications, MMP can engage targets beyond the line of sight as well as those in direct line of sight, under constant operator or commander control if required.

MMP is designed for use by infantry forces, but can also be mounted on land and sea platforms or integrated with AFV turrets. Since the end of 2020, Missile Haut de Trame, a long-range missile for the TIGER combat helicopters, has been under development.