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On 16 November 2021, NBC-Sys, a subsidiary of the Nexter Group, received several representatives from the French Armament Delegation (DGA) and French Army officers at its Saint-Chamond site, Nexter writes in a press release. During a tour of the facilities, NBC-Sys inaugurated a new fully automated line dedicated to the production of its entire range of Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical filter cartridges. This production line is considered a strategic industrial asset that guarantees the supply of current filter cartridges for the French Armed Forces and will be compatible with the new cartridges of the EPIA programme to provide individual protection kit for the armed forces by 2025.

NBC Sys is based in Saint-Chamond (Loire) and specialises in protection against nuclear, radiological, bacteriological and chemical (NRBC) threats. Among others, the company is the supplier of the gas masks for the French Armed Forces. According to the press release, NBC-Sys offers a complete catalogue of solutions for conducting military or civil protection operations under the CBRN threat including decontamination systems for personnel, vehicles, aircraft and sensitive equipment (such as weapons, helmets, radios), some of which were heavily used in the scope of the COVID 19 pandemic.