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Following a slight delay, British vehicle manufacturer Jankel has started serial production of the 199 Light Tactical Transport Vehicles (LTTV) ordered for the Belgian Armed Forces in 2018. The Belgian MoD had previously given the green light for this after passing the preliminary technical acceptance test, Jankel writes. Within nine months (by the third quarter of 2022), the vehicles are to be delivered from a production facility set up specifically for this purpose.

Jankel has built the LTTV on the 4×4 chassis of a UNIMOG U5000 from Daimler, which is equipped with a 163 kW multi-fuel engine (Euro 3). A semi-automatic transmission drives the wheels on the two coil-sprung portal axles. The driver’s cab and (mission) body were designed by Jankel. Series-production components from Daimler were used as much as possible. The open cabin is based on an armoured hull, the protection of which can be supplemented by armoured doors and a folding, split windscreen with armoured glass.

Modular LTTV

Among the features of the LLTV are interchangeable mission modules. These are attached to the chassis with four standard ISO twist locks. There are 167 modules for the transport of troops and special forces, eight ambulance modules and 24 logistics modules for cargo transport. In the configuration as a troop carrier with armoured floor plate, up to six persons can be transported. A central ring mount for light and heavy machine guns in addition to foldable roll-over protection also feature. This makes it possible to transport the vehicles in C-130s and A400Ms as well as an external load for the CH-47. The ambulance module is designed for two stretchers and two attendants with access via two rear doors. The modules in which people are transported can be adapted to the threat by means of protective modules. The logistic module offers an open cargo area.

The basic vehicle has a net weight of 6.5 tonnes. The module-dependent payload can reach up to three tonnes, including protection.

Jankel also wants to market the LTTV in other countries. Therefore, the company has developed further options together with Daimler. These include a self-recovery winch, camouflage lighting, cold and heat package and emergency running features. These can be integrated into the modular chassis.