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The Estonian Ministry of Defence’s Riigi Kaitseinvesteeringute Keskus State Defence Investment Centre has announced that the first 300 plus CARL-GUSTAV M4 shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons have been handed over to the Estonian Armed Forces.

In 2020, Estonia, together with Latvia, ordered an unknown number of these weapons, also known as anti-tank rifles, from Saab. In the medium term, the M4 will replace the M2 and M3 variants currently in service. At 6.6 kg, the new M4 weighs considerably less than its predecessors and is 13 cm shorter. Three types of ammunition are available:

  • Multi-role ammunition to engage targets in buildings or vehicles
  • rounds to engage unarmoured targets
  • pyrotechnics (smoke/light)

The M4 is equipped with an attachable telescopic sight. It can also accommodate thermal imaging devices, image intensifiers or a red dot sight. The weapon can engage stationary and moving targets at ranges of up to 2 km.