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Kongsberg’s M153 remotely controllable weapon station of the PROTECTOR RS4 series has been selected to equip the prototypes and reference systems in the BOXER development programme for the German Army’s heavy Joint Fire Support Teams (Boxer JFSTsw). The contract was awarded by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) in December 2021.

The PROTECTOR RS4 enables soldiers to operate from a protected position, using stabilised precision optics and a laser to observe, detect and engage targets with increased accuracy and reduced collateral damage, the company writes in a press release. The weapon station will be integrated with a mission module along with Thales’ Panoramic Above Armour Gimbal in a NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture.

PROTECTOR RS4 systems have also been selected to equip the air defence variant of the German BOXER vehicles and are currently subject to delivery. 10 vehicles are to be converted for defence against unmanned aerial systems.

The prototype and reference BOXER JFSTsw systems are scheduled for delivery during 2022. After successful completion of the verification process, involving the Army and the German procurement authorities, procurement of a further nine JFSTsw (18 vehicles) is to be commissioned from 2023. The supply of the vehicles is to be completed by 2027.

According to Kongsberg, the British Army also wants to equip some of its BOXER vehicles with PROTECTOR RS4. Deliveries are expected next year.