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Following the release of budgetary funds by the Croatian Parliament’s Defence Committee, the Croatian Ministry of Defence has agreed with the US Government on the delivery of 89 M2 BRADLEY IFVs in the scope of the Foreign Military Sales scheme. According to a Twitter message by the Croatian Prime Minister, Croatia will pay US$145.3M (€130M) of the price and the US Government will cover US$51.1M (€46M). According to earlier information, the costs for the entire programme amount to €630M and include the overhaul of the previously stored vehicles.

Croatia will receive 62 vehicles in the M2A2 ODS version. Based on lessons learned from Operation Desert Storm, these vehicles were equipped with navigation, friend-or-foe detection and anti-tank guided missiles. They are also optimised for protection against mine effects. The first deliveries were made in 1995.

Another five vehicles are to be delivered for training purposes in addition to 22 for spare parts supply. Prior to service introduction in Croatia, the vehicles will be prepared by the Djuro Djakovic workshop, which will later also be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. The first vehicles are to be available by 2023 and the entire programme is to complete by 2026.