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The Belgian Armed Forces are procuring several lots of RGW90 HEAT/HESH shoulder-launched multi-purpose ammunition as well as training ammunition for RGW 90 sub-calibre training systems with a total value of about €19m. According to a press release from the Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND), the contract was already awarded at the end of 2021 via the NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Reportedly, this is the first RGW90 contract awarded by NSPA. It now allows other interested parties to join the procurement programme at the conditions agreed with Belgium without having to carry out a lengthy tender process themselves.

The RGW90 HH (HEAT/HESH) has a mono-hollow charge warhead and can thus also be used against armoured vehicles. Weighing about eight kg, it can penetrate more than 600mm of armoured steel at a distance of 500m. Thus, RGW90 HH can successfully engage, for example, T54 or T72 MBTs – provided they do not have reactive armour.

The RGW 90HH-T with HEAT/HESH tandem shaped charge warhead is in the prototype phase. DND has not yet specified the market availability of this type of ammunition. With a similar size to the RGW90 HH, this type of ammunition should generate even greater penetration including armoured vehicles equipped with reactive protection.