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HENSOLDT is to equip 82 Bundeswehr NH-90 Tactical Transport Helicopters (TTH) with Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) technology, the company writes in a press release. For the first time, the KALAETRON radar warning receiver has been selected as an element of AMPS. After the integration phase, the helicopters are to be equipped within the framework of the TTH Operational Revision Programme from 2025. The selected solution consists of:

  • the MILDS Block 2 Missile Launch Detection Sensor
  • the ALTAS-2QB passive laser warner
  • the AMPS ACDU Control and Display Unit
  • a countermeasure dispenser system

AMPS is a protection system that detects relevant missile, laser and radar threats and automatically initiates dedicated countermeasures. In its basic version, AMPS detects the exhaust jet of approaching missiles, automatically triggers decoys and thus effectively interferes with the missile’s homing head. Due to its modular design, AMPS is expandable with laser sensors, radar warning sensors or laser countermeasures.