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General Digital has announced a series of improvements to the company’s East Hartford facility. The company has decided to make multiple investments in new capital equipment to enhance confidence testing ability, improve PCB production capabilities and further modernise the facility.

These purchases include:

  • New electro-dynamic shaker for vibration testing
  • Upgrades to the company’s Thermotron temperature and humidity chamber
  • Stencil printer for PCB production
  • Internal backup server

The electro-dynamic shaker is expected to provide the ability to test vibration compliance to MIL-STD-810 right at the company site.

The system comes equipped with several advanced features. This includes a four channel vibration controller that allows simulation of random, sine, and classical shock, as well as calibrating own parameters to match unique customer requirements.

Additionally, the Thermotron oven has been upgraded, increasing the rate of temperature change to 10 degrees per minute to comply with avionic equipment requirements.