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Saab has signed a framework agreement with the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence for CARL GUSTAF M4 shoulder-launched multi-role weapons, the company announced last week. The agreement also covers associated ammunition and comes after Saab signed similar framework agreements with Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

The current M4 version of the CARL GUSTAF series, which has been in service for decades, has been in production since 2014. At 6.7 kg, the weapon is not only significantly lighter than its predecessor, but is also capable of accepting different optics or fire control solutions such as the FCS13-RE from Aimpoint.

In addition to the use of modern materials such as a titanium-coated launcher tube made of carbon fibre, it features improved ergonomics.

Lithuania has already ordered €14.6M worth of ammunition under the framework agreement according to Saab. This makes the country the 14th user nation of this CARL GUSTAF variant. The weapon is not completely new to the Baltic nation’s armed forces. The M2 and M3 versions have been in service with the Lithuanian Army’s equipment since 1990s.