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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has announced the development completion of its RecceLite XR, the third and latest model of the reconnaissance system. The version is supported by artificial intelligence and enhanced sensors which were put to the test in a live test in late 2021.

Rafael demonstrated the third-generation model of the RecceLite XR and its new capabilities for the first time to an international delegation including over 20 industry partners and customers from several different countries, the company writes in a press release. The simulation involved a series of operational tasks and successful execution by the third generation RecceLite XR.

According to Rafael, RecceLite provides multi-spectral, multi-role, real-time stand-off and stand-in reconnaissance, consisting of an airborne pod, a wide digital D/L, and a ground exploitation station. It is part of Rafael’s family of advanced aerial and ground Electro-Optical systems that also includes:

  • the LITENING targeting pod
  • the TOPLITE EO/Infrared pod,
  • the SKY SPOTTER ground early warning system