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In December 2021, the Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises (GME) consortium handed over a first lot of 20 JAGUAR armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicles (Engin blindé de reconnaissance et de combat, EBRC) to the French Army. After the GRIFFON, this marked the start of deliveries of the second protected wheeled vehicle in the scope of the SCORPION programme. Another 18 vehicles are scheduled for deliveries in 2022, according to the French MoD, and the first tranche of 150 JAGUARs is to be delivered by 2025, completing the programme with a total of 300 vehicles by 2030.

Following the delivery of the first 20 vehicles, there will be a six-week training of the crews concluding with the handover of the vehicles to the regiment to be equipped. The first course is scheduled to last until May 2022.

In 2017, an initial supply contract had been signed with the GME, which consists of Arquus, Nexter and Thales. In the consortium, Arquus is responsible for the propulsion system, Nexter for the superstructure and turret, and Thales for optronics and communications.

The 6×6 JAGUAR weighs about 25 tonnes and reaches a top speed of 80 km/h with a 370-kW diesel engine from Volvo. It offers space for a three-man crew of commander, gunner and driver. The two-man turret is armed with:

The CTAS gun is fully stabilised and fires a wide range of new telescopic ammunition with an elevation of up to 75 degrees. The Belgian Army is to be equipped with 60 JAGUARs from 2025 as part of the Capacité Motorisée programme.