Xtend, a company specialising in human-guided drone operating systems, has announced the launch of the second generation of the XTENDER indoor tactical sUAS system.

The micro-tactical ISR platform is to enable the remote completion of missions. Powered by SKYLORD, Xtend’s operating system, XTENDER uses Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies coupled with AI and machine learning flight algorithms.

Using patented drone-teaming and mark & fly technologies, the new generation XTENDER enables multiple drones to enter a remote target site carrying various payloads, perform the required tasks with extreme precision, and seamlessly exit, regardless of any indoor-outdoor transition limitations or GNSS-denied locations, the company writes in a press release.

According to Xtend, the second-generation XTENDER allows any operator – even with zero flight experience – to perform accurate recon and data collection tasks – such as close-quarters combat clearance, IED and tripwire identification, and enemy detection – in complex urban environments, without any physical contact with hostile forces.