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Rheinmetall has adapted the MASKE family of smoke/obscurant grenades for 81mm launchers. According to the company, these are based on a bi-modular (decoy and concealment module) and bi-spectral (visible/infrared light) ammunition concept.

The decoy module generates an intense blooming. The camouflage module creates a smoke/obscurant that disrupts the enemy lines of sight in both the visual and infrared spectrum, thus providing protection from visual and infrared optical aiming devices as well as target sensor heads, laser target illuminators and laser rangefinders.

According to Rheinmetall, MASKE 81 is suitable for any 81mm-calibre smoke-grenade dispenser, including legacy launchers. The MASKE smoke projectiles are available in 66 mm, 76 mm and 80/81 mm calibres as well as in a US version.