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Hensoldt has received an order from aerial services provider QinetiQ GmbH, Mönchengladbach, Germany, to supply two complete systems for electro-optical reconnaissance, the company writes in a press release. The reconnaissance system consists of the ARGOS-II HD Electro-Optical Infrared System (EO/IR) and the EuroNAV control and evaluation software. These elements will be pre-integrated by Hensoldt and scaffolded by QinetiQ for ISR Services and training of national and international JTAC customers and operators with the DA62MPP aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, Austria.

According to Hensoldt, the mission system designated MissionGrid can be used on fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. In addition to air and naval forces, it is used for border protection, search and rescue, maritime patrol, law enforcement and asset protection. The German Federal Police use it to combat smuggling, illicit trafficking and border security operations.

The reconnaissance system covers a range of up to 40 km and can detect ships as well as small inflatable boats or individual swimmers day and night as well as in bad weather. A thermal imaging camera records the images and transmits video and data in real time to base stations on the ground. The MissionGrid system can also be supplemented with the PrecISR reconnaissance radar, as well as the Hensoldt self-protection equipment AMPS.