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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) delivered the last overhauled PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer to the Lithuanian Armed Forces in mid-March. According to the NSPA, a joint project team from it and the Lithuanian Armed Forces led the procurement project. This included the implementation of a new fire control system as part of the howitzer overhaul, as well as the integration and procurement of new sensors and optronic systems for the observers and tactical air surveillance units. In addition, the associated M577 command post vehicles and BERGEPANZER 2 armoured recovery vehicles were adapted and modernised. Last but not least, the required ammunition was also procured.

The PzH2000 is a self-propelled howitzer with the NATO standard 155 mm cannon. Modern ammunition allows for a firing range of more than 50 km.

In 2015, Lithuania acquired 21 PzH2000s from German Bundeswehr stocks, 16 of which are intended for combat, two for gunnery and driving training in addition to three for spare parts cannibalisation. In addition, 26 M557 command post vehicles (based on M113) and six BERGEPANZER 2 armoured recovery vehicles (based on Leopard 1) were procured.