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Nexter has signed a strategic partnership with Hellenic Defence Systems (HDS) to meet the Greek Army’s requirement for modernised IFVs under the PHILOCTETES programme, Nexter writes in a press release. Designated PHILOCTETES in reference to the mythological hero of the Trojan War, this infantry combat system is based on a VBCI MkII equipped with a T40 turret.

The VBCI is an 8×8, 32-tonne modular vehicle available in different versions (armoured personnel carrier, command post, 120mm mortar, medevac and vehicle recovery) and capable of carrying a 13-tonne payload. PHILOCTETES has a reinforced motorisation thanks to a new 600hp engine which is to ensure high tactical, strategic and operational mobility.

The turret is remotely operated and equipped with the 40mm CTA gun and an MBDA MMP missile. The 40 CTA, which already arms the French Army’s JAGUAR EBRC turret, can fire various 40mm telescoped munitions, high explosive, airburst, and arrow shells capable of piercing up to 140mm of armoured steel, according to Nexter.