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The British Government, represented by the European procurement organisation OCCAR, and ARTEC, a consortium of Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), have signed a contract extension to supply the British Army with an additional 100 BOXER wheeled armoured vehicles, Rheinmetall writes in a press release. The contract encompasses three previously ordered variants of the vehicle:

  • the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV)
  • the Command Vehicle (CV)
  • the Field Ambulance

With this order, the United Kingdom is exercising an option considered in the contract signed in 2019 for the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) project, which includes 523 BOXER vehicles in several variants.

ARTEC will be supplying the vehicles to the UK via OCCAR. The bulk of BOXER production will take place in Britain. Series production is currently getting underway in Germany, following which most of the BOXER vehicles already on order will be produced in British factories of Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) and KMW subsidiary WFEL.

The additional vehicles just ordered will also be produced in both the UK and Germany. Here, the partners will be drawing on the knowledge and components of the established and expanding British supply chain, which already forms the basis of the first lot of 523 vehicles.