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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has supplied the Czech Republic, via its Czech partners RETIA VTU, with the first air defence Multi-Mission Radar (MMR), as part of a contract awarded in December 2019 by the Ministries of Defence of both the Czech Republic and Israel. The radar, which is operational and combat-proven in Israel, provides both surveillance and defence capabilities to customers around the world, and is integrative with NATO systems, IAI writes in a press release. The radar reportedly detects and classifies threats and supplies weapon systems with the data necessary to neutralise a number of those threats simultaneously. According to IAI, the radar provides situational awareness which is both precise and reliable, and includes the detection and identification of targets with low signatures.

The company stresses that the MMR can deal simultaneously with multiple missions – including air defence against aircraft, UAVs and drones, artillery against varied enemy targets, and the identification and location of rocket launches, enemy artillery, and mortars, while locating both the launch and expected hit position, and controlling intercepting missiles launched against these threats. The MMR is the ‘brain’ of Israel’s BARAK MX air and missile defence system, the IRON DOME, and DAVID’S SLING.