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According to the magazine “Stars and Stripes”, General Christopher Cavoli has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as NATO’s next Supreme Allied Commander Europe, a two-pronged job that also involves command of American troops in Europe. If confirmed he will replace US Air Force General Tod Wolters. The change comes at a critical time for NATO and overall security in Europe because of Russia’s war in Ukraine, which is expected to have long-term implications for US military missions on the continent. Cavoli would be instrumental in any future changes to the military’s force design in Europe as NATO’s top military commander and leader of US European Command, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany, “Stars and Stripes” writes.

Numerous US Army units have taken up positions in Europe in recent years, marking a reversal of the steady downward trend in troops on the continent that happened during a decade-long, post-Cold War drawdown. The number of US forces has continued to increase since Russia’s attack on Ukraine. There are now more than 100,000 US troops in Europe, the highest number in nearly two decades.

Cavoli, a Russian speaker and foreign-area officer by training, was born to an Army family in Würzburg, Germany, during the Cold War and grew up at various military bases throughout Europe.

A graduate of Princeton University, he served multiple tours in Afghanistan. He also was director for Russia on the Joint Staff in a previous posting.