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The French defence procurement agency DGA has awarded the order for the conditional tranche four of the SCORPION programme to the EBMR consortium, a joint venture of Nexter, Arquus and Thales, Nexter writes in a press release.

EBMR stands for “Engin Blindé Multi Role” France’s multi-role armoured vehicle programme.

The new tranche covers an additional 88 JAGUAR armoured reconnaissance and fighting vehicles and 302 GRIFFON multirole armoured vehicles. This new order will bring the number of JAGUAR and GRIFFON vehicles ordered to 150 and 909 respectively, in line with the objective laid out in France’s 2019–25 Military Programming Law. This represents half of the French Government’s commitment for JAGUARs and GRIFFONs (excluding the MEPAC variant) to be acquired in the scope of the SCORPION programme to renew the medium-tonnage segment of the French Army’s armoured vehicle fleet. The award comes shortly after an order was placed for 54 GRIFFON MEPAC versions, which are equipped with a 120-mm mortar, with deliveries scheduled from 2024.