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Nine companies of the Polish defence group PGZ have signed an agreement with MBDA UK on cooperation in the field of tank destroyers. According to a statement from MBDA UK, the agreement will enable the development and production of vehicles in this class with the use of MBDA UK’s BRIMSTONE anti-tank guided missiles.

Representatives from PGZ and MBDA UK had already reached an agreement to work together in 2019. According to MBDA UK, this will now be continued and form the basis for further cooperation in the area of integrating anti-tank guided missiles with the tank destroyer vehicles described by the customer and the production of the BRIMSTONE missile at PGZ’s facilities.

The cooperation is part of the OTTOKAR-BRZOZA programme, which envisages that the Polish Armed Forces will procure battery equipment of self-propelled tank destroyers. Based on a modern platform, the systems are to be capable of destroying armoured targets with the help of anti-tank guided missiles. The battery equipment also includes support and command vehicles