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Smart Shooter intends to present the SMASH X4, a Fire Control System with a x4 magnifying optic scope, at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, Smart Shooter writes in a press release. According to the company, SMASH X4 combines a x4 magnifying optic scope with Smart Shooter’s SMASH fire control capabilities, thus providing extended detection, recognition & identification ranges for the shooter as well as extended lethality ranges. The SMASH X4 also includes an etched reticle to allow shooting without battery power. An optional integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF) enables range measurement both as a user-initiated capability as well as a system input for improved precision. Night-capability is also available by using the X4 with thermal night vision devices as a clip-on.

Smart Shooter approves that it has completed the delivery of thousands of additional SMASH systems for the IDF and other customers during 2021, the company writes.