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Assac Networks – an Israeli company specialising in cyber solutions for the complete protection of mobile devices and secure communications for government agencies, defence and commercial organisations – has announced that it has been awarded contracts for the supply and installation of its ShieldiT system in three African countries, the company writes in a press release. Alhough details of the customers have not been disclosed, they reportedly comprise:

  • a president’s office and staff
  • a ministry of internal affairs
  • the armed forces of a third country in support of their special forces

Two of the projects relate to an autonomous server and licences, with the third relating to the use of Assac Networks’ multi-tenant server, in which the company will also provide the mobile devices themselves, on which the system will be pre-installed. All projects will be delivered and deployed during the 2nd quarter of the year with one year service period.

According to the company, Assac Networks’ ShieldiT product is the only solution with a unified, managed anti-hacking and anti-tapping capabilities for Bring Your Own Device smartphones. Currently, the system is in operation in scope of some 5,000 licences in:

  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Switzerland