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The Welp Group has reported what it claims is the world’s first full certification of the TALOS protected vehicle. TALOS is based on the Toyota LAND CRUISER 300. Supported by TDW, TALOS has achieved certification in the highest protection class VR9 in accordance with the VPAM-BRV and -ERV version 3 test standards after tests at the German Firearms Office, the Welp Group writes in a press release. The vehicle provides protection against hand grenades, mines and side blasts. The vehicle is protected against hand grenade effects on the vehicle roof and under the vehicle. In addition, side blasts from a nitropenta (PETN) charge were simulated as part of the certification process and successfully passed in accordance with VPAM guidelines.

According to the Welp Group, TALOS has a newly developed chassis and a new brake system, adapted to the increased weight of the vehicle. Springs, shock absorbers, stabilisers etc. have also been replaced by more powerful components. In addition, the entire interior of the vehicle has been redesigned.

The 4×4 TALOS is offered with either a 440-kW diesel or 304-kW petrol engine and automatic transmission. The vehicle, which weighs up to 5.3 tonnes, offers a maximum of seven seats. To provide the required protection, Welp uses partially hot-formed body elements made of armoured steel. Lighting, communication pre-equipment, emergency systems and other equipment are installed according to the customer’s requirements.