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The PARS vehicle family, designed for the low and high-intensity combat situations, has become a reference for tactical wheeled armoured vehicles today with its unique features of 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles that incorporate today’s most advanced technologies and the operational advantages.

FNSS has been carrying out R&D studies in the field of 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles for many years and received the successful outputs of these studies in 2005 and became the first company in Turkey to reveal its product family. The OTTER Amphibious Wet Gap Crossing System, which is the first original design and serial production project that has been contracted in Turkey’s military land vehicles and signed in 2007, has been developed through PARS 8×8 technology.

Thus, before delivery to Turkish Land Forces, FNSS was successful to export 6×6 and 8×8 PARS product family with various configurations for both Malaysia and Oman. With Oman project, PARS III 6×6 became the first 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicle of FNSS to enter an army inventory. Today with both PARS IV and PARS SCOUT programs, FNSS has become the only supplier of the Turkish Armed Forces for 6×6 & 8×8 family of vehicle.

The PARS III 6×6

PARS III 6X6 has been developed with a special emphasis on mobility, protection, payload, and growth potential. It is equipped with cutting edge armoured vehicle technologies to obtain performances and durability answering modern armies’ operational requirements.

The PARS III 6×6 combat weight is 25,000 kg and is powered by a diesel engine. The powerpack consists of a water-cooled diesel engine, coupled to a fully automatic transmission that allows a maximum road speed up to 100 km/h. The PARS III 6×6 is capable of manoeuvring on a 60% vertical and a 30% side slope, climbing 0.7 meters high obstacles and crossing 1.75 meters wide trenches. Thanks to its unique design with its powerpack location and optimal weight balance, the vehicle has almost equal load on each axle.

This design approach gives the vehicle the ability to move comfortably even on loose and soft terrain, providing maximum control at high-speed and short braking distances. The vehicle has 6×6 driving characteristics, and all of its axles can be locked when necessary. The central tire inflation system allows the driver to adjust the tire pressure to suit different terrain conditions.

The PARS III 6×6 combat weight is 25,000 kg and is powered by a diesel engine. (Photo: FNSS)

The PARS III 6×6 front and rear axle steering system gives the vehicle the lowest turning radius in its class. The ability of gradual decreasing the steer by-wire angle of the rear axles and their locking over certain speeds, together with the ABS system and the engine brake, all contribute to enhanced driving safety.

The two-man driver’s section is located in front of the vehicle, which offers more than 180° horizontal field of view and a high level of driving safety and comfort. Large glass periscopes, and front driving and manoeuvre cameras with thermal cameras located at the front and rear of the vehicle provide high-level situational awareness for the driver and commander.

The door covers, personnel seats, rifle holders and interior lighting elements are all designed to ensure maximum crew comfort in the vehicle, which can accommodate up to nine personnel. With a range of over 800 km, the PARS III 6×6 has fuel tanks incorporating special measures to protect against explosion and puncture, an under-armour reserve fuel tank being also available in emergency situations.

Thanks to the modular design of the PARS III 6×6 hull and to that of its armour package, the vehicle protection level, both against ballistic and mine threats, can be tailored to customers’ requests.

The hull form, underbelly structure, base plates and specially developed mine-resistant seats are designed to protect personnel against high-level mine threats. The PARS III 6×6 vehicle runs ahead of its competitors by offering ballistic and mine protections levels similar to MRAP vehicles while maintaining combat and mobility characteristics of modern armoured combat vehicles.

The PARS III 6×6 has an integrated air-conditioning system, which keeps the vehicle’s internal temperature at +25 °C even in hottest desert conditions.

The modular connection of the vehicle subsystems to the mine-resistant hull ensures ease of maintenance and replacement. This ease of maintenance and the easy replacement of moving parts and the power transmission systems in particular make the PARS III 6×6 superior to its counterparts. The powerpack architecture, which can be disassembled and reassembled in less than 60 minutes, gives the user the freedom to replace the engine while on the field, providing maximum readiness levels in combat situations.

PARS IV 6×6 SPECIAL OPERATIONS VEHICLE – Highest Protection Level in Its Class

PARS IV 6×6 SOV provides an unmatched optimum combination of the survivability of an MRAP vehicle and the tactical mobility of a wheeled armoured combat vehicle. The Vehicle is designed to meet the tactical and operational requirements of military and internal security forces whose mission is «special».

Its high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection along with the RPG net is designed to protect the crew and the power pack against unconventional threats where the timing and intensity of the threat cannot be estimated. In the Project started in 2019; all mine, IED and ballistic tests of the vehicle were carried out with the user. The vehicle was tested against high-level mine threats defined in survivability standards, as well as IED and ballistic threats from all directions.

The high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection along with the RPG net of the PARS IV 6×6 is designed to protect the crew and the power pack against unconventional threats. (Photo: FNSS)

The vehicle’s weapon system is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions including high grounds. Two remote controlled turrets are located in the front and rear of the vehicle. The weapon system is equipped with a universal weapon mount, which enables it to carry 7.62 mm, .50 Cal machine guns or 40mm automatic grenade launchers, and can be easily changed depending on mission requirements. 2-axis stabilization allows firing on the move and the increased elevation of the gun enables to engage targets on high grounds (building tops, cliffs etc.) and/or low altitude aerial targets.

PARS IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle operates in all weather and all terrain conditions, day and night, including cross-country and urban areas. The high-performance power pack and ride-height adjustable independent, hydro-pneumatic suspension system provides unmatched tactical mobility to overcome difficult terrain and road conditions as well as drive safety and comfort for the crew. Front and rear axle steering provides a turning radius narrower than a 4×4 vehicle. This unique feature enables rapid manoeuvre capability in narrow spaces, especially in low infrastructure urban areas.

PARS IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle operates in all weather and all terrain conditions, day and night, including cross-country and urban areas. (Photo: FNSS)

High level of electrical and optical situational awareness is situated for all the team members. The vehicle’s special design provides the driver and personnel located in the front section of the vehicle with maximum direct view situational awareness, of over 180°. The new generation electronic infrastructure provides 360 degrees situational awareness for all the team members. Owing to these features, the vehicle can easily be operated under armour at all times with hatches closed position.

The vehicle is highly versatile, reflecting the broad spectrum of potential missions and areas of operation and has been specifically designed to carry special operations units to their mission objectives where multiple threats can be in place and provide fire support to the teams in the field.

PARS IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle is equipped with new generation mission equipment that ensures combat effectiveness, safer route planning, command/control and rapid targeting.

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