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The Israeli Ministry of Defence (MoD) will begin testing the Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle (M-RCV), developed by the Ministry’s Directorate of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D), the Tank and APC Directorate and Israeli security industries, the MoD writes in a press release. The vehicle features:

  • a new type BLR-2 robotic platform
  • a 30 mm autonomous turret developed by the Tank and APC Directorate for the EITAN APC
  • Elbit’s IRON FIST APS
  • fire control and mission management systems
  • robotic autonomous kit
  • situational awareness systems
  • a capsuled drone for forward reconnaissance missions
  • a passive sensing kit

According to the Israeli MoD, the technological demonstrator integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies including advanced manoeuvring capabilities, the ability to carry heavy and varied mission loads, and a built-in system for transporting and receiving UAVs. It will also incorporate:

  • sights
  • an IAI missile launcher
  • Rafael’s SPIKE missiles

Reportedly, the M-RCV’s capabilities include autonomous forward reconnaissance and controlled lethality in all-terrain conditions. It is operational around the clock in all-weather scenarios. The system was developed as part of the autonomous battlefield concept led by the DDR&D in collaboration with the Tank and APC Directorate. Field tests of the M-RCV are expected to commence next year.