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Hensoldt and Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV) presented the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) concept demonstrator at Eurosatory. The MUV provides a modular sensor fusion platform that can be used in the civilian and military sectors for surveillance and reconnaissance as well as for self-protection and convoy protection, Hensoldt writes in a prtess release.

The basis of the MUV concept demonstrator is an all-terrain 7-ton-chassis from IDV with a maximum payload of 4 tons. It integrates a sensor suite from Hensoldt with the SETAS, MUSS, Radio Direction Finder and S3 MIMO-Radar systems. All systems are connected by the Central Information Processing Unit (CIPU), which forms the backbone of the sensor suite. The system architecture provides automatic information processing that is to support decision-making and ensure operational readiness under all conditions. The sensor data network is to create complete situational awareness. Potential customers can configure their personal suite according to their wishes through the modular structure of the individual systems.

New Company

Hensoldt Optronics and Theon Sensors are establishing a joint company called Hensoldt Theon NightVision GmbH. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. Both companies are already cooperating within the framework of a bidding consortium for a contract to manufacture and supply 9.550 pairs of night vision goggles, (5.000 for the German and 4.550 for the Belgian armed forces) on behalf of OCCAR. Now both partners are complementing their capabilities in the field of thermal imaging and night vision systems. Specifically, new products are to be created on the technological basis of Theon’s night vision goggles and Hensoldtr Optronics’ weapon-adapted night vision attachments, Hensoldt writes in a press release.